Are YOu…

WEARY of trying to source nutritiously dense, pasture raised, grass fed, antibiotic free, GMO free, and mRNA free meats that are produced with both the animal and land in mind?

AKA…Free from all the junk?

We got you!

Seven years ago we had the very same struggle! We took to growing our own nutritiously dense meats in a permaculture system that benefits not only the human consumer but also the animals and the land.

We are honored that we can share our products with you! We want to inspire you to enjoy the delicious and nutritious varieties that whole animal butchery products provide.

The invitatioN

We invite you to walk the farm, partake of the products, attend the workshops, enjoy a farm stay…

Do all the things and leave us knowing you have new friends at MKONO Farm that value sustainable food just like YOU!