Mkono Farm is a small family farm in Indiana that specializes in producing high-quality, Non-GMO Pastured Pork. Our commitment to sustainable farming practices means that all of our animals are raised without added hormones and antibiotics, and are fed a natural diet free from GMOs, corn, soy, and by-products. We take great pride in producing meat that is not only delicious but also healthy and ethically raised.

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At Mkono Farm, we believe that pastured pork is the way nature intended pigs to live. Our pigs are raised on pasture and allowed to root, forage, and play in the sunshine, which leads to healthier, happier animals. By providing a natural environment for our pigs to live in, we're able to produce pork that is richer in flavor and nutrients. Our non-gmo pastured pork is also free from the stress and illness that can come from confinement and overcrowding, leading to meat that is not only delicious but also healthier.

We are proud to offer our pastured pork to customers who value quality, sustainability, and local agriculture. Our KuneKune pork is USDA processed and comes from our small Indiana farm, ensuring that you're getting the best quality meat that is locally sourced. We believe that knowing where your food comes from is important, which is why we're committed to transparency and traceability in our farming practices. By choosing Mkono Farm, you're supporting a small family farm that is dedicated to producing meat that is not only delicious but also ethically and sustainably raised.

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