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Want to stock up and save on non-GMO grass fed pasture raised niche kunekune pork?

Purchase our Kunekune Half Pig Box which contains 40-45lb of product.

A Half Pig share may contain:

2 roasts

4-5 packs of Bacon

6 Bone-in front/center pork chops

6 Bone-in breakfast chops

1 packs of Bones

1 pack of fat

4 packs of Griller/Brat Sausage

7lbs of loose sausage

When purchasing a half pig you will be given a discount code to use for add on items such as more salamis, sausage, more cuts, jams, and signature coffee.

  • Certified Pasture Raised
  • Certified 100% Kunekune Pork
  • Non-GMO Fed
  • Antibiotic & Hormones Free
  • Nitrate free
  • USDA Inspected & Vacuum Sealed Packaging
  • Indiana Grown Farm, Homegrown by Heroes Farm, Veteran Coalition Member, Kunekune Pork Producers Association Member
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