Belly | Fresh xtra thick SLICED (Pork)

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Our Indiana Farm is pleased to offer fresh side meat (pork belly) sliced extra extra thick. It is perfect for all of those pork belly recipes! Fresh side is uncured and un smoked pork belly. You can cook it just like bacon with your own seasoning or leave as is for use in pork belly recipes.

This package contains .75 to 1 pound of hand sliced thick cut fresh side.Certified Pasture Raised

  • Certified 100% Kunekune Pork
  • Non-GMO Fed
  • Antibiotic & Hormones Free
  • Nitrate free
  • USDA Inspected & Vacuum Sealed Packaging
  • Indiana Grown Farm, Homegrown by Heroes Farm, Veteran Coalition Member, Kunekune Pork Producers Association Member

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