The Navajo Churro Sheep

The Navajo Churro Sheep is a rare heritage breed that descends from 16th century Iberian Churra sheep imported by Spanish conquistadors. The current Navajo Churro is the result of selective breeding by the main stewards of the breed, the shepherds of the Navajo Nation. This rare breed is listed as critical on the Livestock Conservancy’s priority list of rare breeds.

The Navajo Churro has three amazing resources to utilize.

  1. The breed is a long fleeced sheep that is known for producing beautiful wool that can be spun without the use of carding or washing in many cases.

  2. Navajo churro milk has a high fat content and is suitable for milk products such as cheeses and soap making.

  3. The breed is known for its very lean, tender, sweet meat. It is a well sought after meat by chefs around the world. It is really a treat to have meat from this breed.